Pervaya Liniya


The resort is offering 17 programs, grouped into 6 directions, as well as 16 modules which may be linked to wellness programs, aiding to address more areas of health improvement in a short time

Innovative Programs

Programs with in-depth diagnostics of the body and innovative therapeutic methods
Express activation of all bodily functions
Prolongation of youth and renewal of body at the cellular level
Slowing down the aging process, recovering after stress, renewal of body at the cellular level
Holistic diagnostics of the state of body
Preparation of long-term strategy for health and youth
Become a Leader of Your Health

Detox Programs

A comprehensive cleansing of the body for a complete reboot and transition to new level of health without chronic fatigue and excess weight
Fast and effective weight loss, comprehensive health improvement, getting rid of chronic fatigue
A European approach to cleansing and regenerating the body
A unique method of cleansing the body at the cellular level, including external transformation procedures

Recovery & Rest

Quality rest with health benefits on the shores of the Gulf of Finland
Premium vacation on the shores of the Gulf of Finland
Powerful surge of energy, restoration of physical and mental well-being
Recovery Day at the Resort
Rapid recovery of body after Covid-19 and return to an active lifestyle

Mental well-being

Fast recovery to make right decisions and enter the resourceful state
Reduce stress levels and restore balance of power


This program is aimed at aesthetic transfiguration and renewal
Individual program of internal and external transfiguration


A programme aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of leaders.
Personalised programme
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Special Modules
The modules are linked to health programs of the resort, facilitating to address more areas of recovery in a short time

Age Management

Measuring Longevity Potential and Youth Prolongation

Cell renewal

Rejuvenation and regeneration of body at the cellular level

Women's Health

Maintaining reproductive health, preparing for IVF, recovery after giving birth to child

Men's Health

Increased confidence in internal reserves and capabilities, increased male activity

Beauty Impulse

Aesthetic transfiguration and improvement of condition of the whole body

Body shaping

Weight loss and improvement of the body tonus

Cell balance

The program is aimed at the comprehensive recovery of all body systems after viral infections

Mental Wellness

Fast recovery to make right decisions and enter the resourceful state

Body balance

The module will help you choose a comfortable type of physical activity for you and implement an active lifestyle as a useful habit.

Healthy Gut

In the module, we combined the genetic study of the microbiota and the study of the intestinal barrier itself for a comprehensive assessment of the state of the microbial-tissue complex.

Laboratory check-up

Diagnostic profile with 50 laboratory parameters.

Complex check-up

Diagnostic profile with more than 50 laboratory parameters.

Freedom of movement

The module is designed to help restore the right balance.

Informational detox

An opportunity to be alone with your real self and find inner balance

Healthy Sleep

Helps you adjust your body clock, reduce stress levels and increase confidence in the quality of your sleep

Personalized Meal Plan

An individual nutrition plan drawn up by an endocrinologist-nutritionist, after analyzing the actual diet and the results of laboratory tests.
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