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Activation of metabolism

Become a Leader of Your Health
Personalised support
Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
Multi-sensory impact
Programme duration:
5, 7 and 10 days
This is a holistic approach not only to activation of metabolism, reduction of body weight and engaging in caring for your future, but also to affect the body at the intracellular level by "hardening" mitochondria
The Metabolic Activation Program is a long-term recipe for active youth, full of health and beauty.
Program Structure
  • Body Data Collection with Early and Ultra-Early Diagnosis
    Diagnostics includes only scientific and evidence-based methods: comprehensive assessment of the body functional reserves, biological age and the state of microbiota, overall clinical examination with assessment of risk factors for various diseases and ergospirometry — method of comprehensive assessment of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Personalized Therapy
    The resort offers multifunctional therapeutic procedures aimed at accelerating cellular respiration, activating metabolism, rapid recovery, regeneration and replenishment of the body functional reserves.
  • Creating a personalised health strategy
    Through a preventative and participative approach to wellness, the Mentor Physician creates a Guest Health Strategy that includes personalised recommendations for therapy, diet, sleep, physical activity and nutrient support.
  • Analysing dynamics and making adjustments to the strategy in real time
    The resort provides support to the Guest after the programme - online monitoring of indicators, telemedicine and remote communication with the doctor.
Results of program completion
Comprehensive assessment of the state of body
Identification of predispositions to diseases
Activation of metabolism at cellular and mitochondrial level
Weight loss
Improvement of joint and muscle health
Reduction of stress levels and improvement of sleep quality
Prevention of metabolic disorders
Improvement of functioning of all organs and body systems
Increased tolerance to physical exertion
Reduction of biological age
Prolongation of active and prosperous longevity
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The cost of the programme depends on the number of days and accommodation category
from 325 000₽ for 5 days
The program is based on studies
Ergospirometry: objective assessment of your body potential
Innovative diagnostics aimed at determining the functional potential of your body.

This test allows you to assess an important laboratory indicator – maximal oxygen consumption.

By means of ergospirometry, the following goals are targeted:
  • assessment of the functional state of body systems
  • assessment of metabolic profile
  • selection of right physical activity for you
  • selection of rehabilitation procedures
  • finding the causes of shortness of breath
  • functional assessment of mitochondria

The results of the study allow the supervising physician to draw up an individual training plan and avoid excessive loads at all stages of the training process
Programme structure
Personalised support
Instrumental diagnostics
Laboratory diagnostics
Individualised treatment plan
Multi-sensory impact
Mental wellbeing
Innovative Therapy
We influence the prolongation of youth by:
Innovative interval-hypoxic training on the CELLTERAPY device
Gene Expression Course
Set of specialized «prevent age» droppers and injections, which help to activate the mechanisms of cell renewal and slow down cell aging.
Innovative method of exposing a body to low temperatures has a rejuvenating effect, activates the immune and endocrine systems.
Mental Well-Being
Atomic hydrogen rejuvenation in the Mental Well-Being Room
Unique recovery conditions
An unrivalled combination of premium service and inspiring location
Medical Mentoring
Rooms of high comfort class
Restaurant of author's cuisine
The mental wellbeing room
Spa complex with swimming pool, saunas, hammam and contrasting font
Fitness of the future
Nordic walking and breathing exercises
Recuperation by nature
We have endeavoured to bring guests as close to the natural surroundings as possible. Terraces with stunning views of the bay, personal loggias, spacious rooms, high ceilings, natural natural materials, soft light combinations. All rooms are equipped with specialised treatment rooms.
What could be better than seeing your loved ones healthy, full of strength and energy?
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