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Largest unit is offering all currently existing key apparatus-supported techniques.
During a few days of total recreation, each of our guests will have the opportunity to undergo a full cycle of transformation based on a thorough assessment of the processes and features of the body, a full-fledged and multi-level plan of procedures aimed at regeneration and improvement of the internal and external resources
Making the individual plan of cosmetic transformation starting from mandatory diagnostics
Dermacheck - is apparatus-supported assessment of skin condition, done to identify the level of moisture and elasticity;

Preparation of skin condition record - based on the assessment result, each guest receives information on the regenerative potential parameters, on the basis of which a program of highly effective prevent age therapy is compiled.
Face and body cosmetology
Visible rejuvenescence and radiance effect of skin
Microcurrent therapy is a method used for stimulation of skin and restoring its elasticity.

Injection-free mesotherapy on Jet Peel device (Israel) is a highly effective procedure for peeling, lymphatic drainage and atraumatic injection of nutrient solutions into dermal layers

Radiofrequency lifting on Radiage device (Monaco) allows to get rid of gravitational ptosis of facial and body tissues, wrinkles, acne, skin texture disorders, to restore elasticity and firmness of the skin.
Skin care procedures
Effectively eliminate signs of skin aging
Injection-free laser biorevitalization on vitalaser device allows to attain superb moistening and regeneration of skin.

Massage of the face, neck and décolleté zones on the Mobilift M6 device will rejuvenate skin. This procedure stimulates natural regenerative processes in skin. Stimulates natural production of collagen.
Injection cosmetology
Latest techniques of injection cosmetology
Modern injection cosmetology methods make it possible to replenish the water balance in skin, restore firm face contour, get rid of the signs of age-related changes and effectively prevent them.
Aesthetics and body shaping
Complex of effective procedures for body shaping
Cryomodelling on the Coccon device is a non-surgical procedure allowing to get rid of fatty tissue forever. The vivid effect of the procedure can be noticed just in a month.

Ultrasonic cavitation on Lipotouch device represents an innovative method of eliminating cellulitis and fat deposits.

LPG massage will make your figure perfect Based on vacuum-roller therapy, this merhod will help not only to get rid of cellulitis, reduce fat deposits, remodel the shape of your body, but also significantly enhance skin elasticity.

Pressotherapy is the most effective procedure for better lymphatic drainage and reduced water retention.
Cosmetology Department is the pride of innovative prevent age resort «First Line Health Care Resort»
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