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The vector of development of preventive medicine is the prevention of diseases, prophylaxis and healthy lifestyle
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Welcome to the First Line, an innovative «prevent age» resort, where we have implemented a unique medical approach aimed at preventing diseases even at asymptomatic stages and maintaining active longevity.

You will be able not only to improve the quality of your life and optimize the functioning of the body, exploring and balancing all organs and systems, but also, with the help of the achievements of modern medicine, to maximize your potential, learn to design and manage your own health.
To preserve beauty, youth, vitality, functionality and spiritual fulfillment for many years, to look and feel at the zenith of your powers, to have an active working body, the biological age of which is much younger than the chronological one – these are the goals that are really achievable with the help of the «prevent age» approach.
The «Prevent age» tools
  • Early and ultra-early diagnosis
  • Genetic research
  • Implementation of personalized active anti-ageing strategy
At the «First Line», we have launched a scientific study
Its goal is to determine how wellness affects a person, quality of life, basic indicators, markers of health and biological age. The study will enrich people's knowledge of what affects their well-being and longevity, and it will allow us to find new methods and ways to improve health.
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By 2050, every owner of a healthy body and a solid bank account will have an excellent chance to hold out to immortality, every 10th anniversary it will be necessary to undergo a course of renewal in the clinic, which will not only cure diseases, but also regenerate flabby tissues and renew organs.
Yuval Noah Harari, A Brief History of the Future
This is what we are doing at the First Line today!
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