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Express activation of all bodily functions
Personalised support
Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
Personalised treatment plan
Duration of the program:
3 days
Biohacking is the optimization of body functioning, health and well-being by means of science, technology and in-depth knowledge of human physiology
In recent years, biohacking has become increasingly popular. A huge number of people around the world call themselves biohackers, because everyone wants to have excellent health, live happily for a long time.

In Russia, biohacking became known in 2017, when an article by Sergey Faguet was published, where he describes how, after a detailed study of vital signs, he managed to become more energetic and reduce his biological age.
Program Structure
  • Collection of data about the body through early and ultra-early diagnosis
    It includes genetic studies, molecular-immunological screenings, microbiota genetics, assessment of body composition and level of physical activity, assessment of hormonal and trace element status.
  • Personalized Therapy
    The resort offers innovative procedures such as interval-hypoxic cell training, transcranial magnetic stimulation, bioacoustic brain correction and gene expression stimulation.
  • Creation of personalized health strategy
    Thanks to preventive and participative approach to wellness, the supervising physician develops strategy for the Guest's health, including personalized recommendations for therapy, nutrition, sleep, physical activity and nutritional support.
  • Analysis of the dynamics and making adjustments to strategy in real time
    The resort provides support to its Guest after completion of the program - online monitoring of indicators, telemedicine and remote communication with physician.
The program is aimed at preparation of overall system for managing Guest's health
Results of program completion
In-depth study of the state of health
Upgrade of all body organs and systems
Qualitative improvement of the body functioning
Maximizing health potential
Complete transformation of the attitude to your health
Preparation of personal health strategy
Biohacking Pro + Genetic Passport
Genetic passport is molecular genetic testing, during which "weak" links in the state of organs, systems and physiological processes are identified. Based on the data obtained, a set of predictive measures is developed which contain mandatory components such as:

  • lifestyle correction
  • choice of physical activity and relaxation activities
  • nutrition optimization
  • prediction programs regarding: oncological diseases, non-specific inflammatory processes, protection from harmful environmental impacts etc
Book a wellness programme that will change your life
The cost of the programme depends on the number of days and accommodation category
from 195 000₽ for 3 days
Unique recovery conditions
An unrivalled combination of premium service and inspiring location
Medical Mentoring
Rooms of high comfort class
Restaurant of author's cuisine
The mental wellbeing room
Spa complex with swimming pool, saunas, hammam and contrasting font
Fitness of the future
Nordic walking and breathing exercises
Recuperation by nature
We have endeavoured to bring guests as close to the natural surroundings as possible. Terraces with stunning views of the bay, personal loggias, spacious rooms, high ceilings, natural natural materials, soft light combinations. All rooms are equipped with specialised treatment rooms.
What could be better than seeing your loved ones healthy, full of strength and energy?
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