Pervaya Liniya


Powerful surge of energy, restoration of physical and mental well-being
Personalised support
Laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
Multi-sensory impact
Programme duration:
1 - 14 days
Recently, the desire for a healthy lifestyle has gained incredible popularity among people. Now, most people try to achieve health by exercising and adhering to the principles of proper nutrition. It is this concept, which combines not only physical, but also moral recovery, that is called «wellness».
Program structure
  • Body Data Collection with Early and Ultra-Early Diagnosis
    It includes a comprehensive laboratory check-up and bioimpedancemetry – an individual study of the body structure.
  • Personalized Therapy
    The resort offers innovative treatments, such as sessions in the «Multi Noble Rex» Alpha capsule and bioacoustic correction «Music for the Brain».

    A visit to the Spa complex, massages and hydromassages, body wraps and peelings will fill you with energy and tone up your body.
  • Compiling a personalised health strategy
    Through a preventative and participative approach to wellness, the Mentor Physician creates a Guest Health Strategy that includes personalised recommendations for therapy, diet, sleep, physical activity and nutrient support.
  • Analysing dynamics and making adjustments to the strategy in real time
    The resort provides support to the Guest after the programme - online monitoring of indicators, telemedicine and remote communication with the doctor.
The program is aimed at high-quality restorative rest and relaxation
Program achievements
Increased vitality
Reduced stress and fatigue levels
Improved metabolism
External transfiguration
Restoring the balance of power
Preparation of personal health strategy
The «Multi Noble Rex» Alpha capsule + «The Music for the Brain» bioacoustic correction
Bioacoustic correction «Music for the Brain» is aimed at harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres. Thanks to the procedure, the hormone of youth - melatonin - is stimulated, which protects the body from stress, increases concentration, normalizes sleep and improves general well-being.

Therapy in the Alpha capsule has a multi-vector effect. Aerobic thermal treatment, light and color therapy, lymphatic drainage, infrared rays and the salt cave effect allow you to start the processes of renewal and self-regulation of the body, improve metabolism and recover of stress.
Book a wellness programme that will change your life
The cost of the programme depends on the number of days and accommodation category
from 60 000₽ for 1 days
Unique recovery conditions
An unrivalled combination of premium service and inspiring location
Medical Mentoring
Rooms of high comfort class
Restaurant of author's cuisine
The mental wellbeing room
Spa complex with swimming pool, saunas, hammam and contrasting font
Fitness of the future
Nordic walking and breathing exercises
Recuperation by nature
We have endeavoured to bring guests as close to the natural surroundings as possible. Terraces with stunning views of the bay, personal loggias, spacious rooms, high ceilings, natural natural materials, soft light combinations. All rooms are equipped with specialised treatment rooms.
What could be better than seeing your loved ones healthy, full of strength and energy?
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