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Comprehensive assessment of body state, making it possible to prevent progression of diseases or identify pathogenic mechanisms before symptoms onset
Very early and early diagnostics at the cellular, organ-specific, psychosomatic and molecular-genetic levels neutralizes the risk of onset of pathological processes
Genetic testing
Targeted assessment and interpretation of 100+ genes by the Concilium allows us to make a personalized program of administering medical procedures and medicines for achievement of ultimate results.

In addition, genetic testing allows to identify the risks of certain diseases and predisposition thereto.
Determining the oxidative stress level
Oxidative stress is one of the factors of senilism and onset of many chronic diseases. We analyze the body free radicals-to-body antioxidant protection level ratio, and produce the appropriate treatment tactics.

Assessment of the oxidative stress and body antioxidant protection level allows a doctor to determine a potential threat of damage of organs and systems and address them in a timely manner, suppressing the disease at incursion.
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Individual assessment of body structure, allowing to determine the composition thereof — fat-to-muscle tissue ratio, fluid level, presence of internal (visceral) fat, and many other factors.

Based on the assessment results, you will be able to receive individual recommendations concerning you own nutrition schedule, food calorie intake, optimal physical activity level, and to bring your body to balance.
ELI-Test diagnostics method involves a series of tests based on autoantibodies level assessment, any deviation in which may signal incursion or presence of organ-specific pathologies.

This type of diagnostics allows to identify a disease before the initial symptoms onset.
Results of diagnostics are interpreted by the Concilium, in order to make up a targeted comprehensive health improvement program.
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