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spa complex
«First Line» Spa complex is a place where you will plunge into a relaxing atmosphere of a holiday and feel a great surge of energy. Water fans will enjoy the different sensations in the Spa pool with multifunction massage and polybarbotage. Gentle touch of water will relieve tension and stress, and a refreshing waterfall will carefully though notably massage your neck, head and shoulders.

We pay special attention to quality of water in the pools. Its crystal purity is provided by modern quartz-sand filters in combination with ultraviolet irradiation and saturation of water with silver ions.

You can feel the healing effect of heat in sauna complex of the SPA center. It includes a dry Finnish sauna, as well as a Turkish Hammam with a temperature range from 30 to 55 degrees, and natural scents. For contrast effect, the complex also has a bath-font with constantly maintained low temperature of water: +14. Visiting the zone of temperature-contrast effect is included in most of the treatment programs. For a more comfortable recreation, the territory is divided into male and female zones.

Wellness practices are complemented by rooms for aesthetic peeling procedures and SPA rituals, as well as a massage room that offers various types of massages. The atmosphere of SPA complex prepossesses relaxation. In this peaceful and quiet atmosphere, enjoying the recreation and beautiful views, you will forget about everything and get relaxation not only for your body but also for your thoughts.
The conceptual specialty restaurant in the territory of the resort is the best place to take up the new and healthy gastronomic habits. We have created a special menu where the healthy nutrition principles are combined with the elegance of dishes. The concept of tasty and healthy food is reflected in the modern cooking technique, making the simplest things play, and offering new interesting combinations. And all those are the most useful and balanced ingredients which undergo delicate processing, preserving the taste of products and their advantageous properties.

We prefer products with a low pectin content, with less saturated fats and fast carbohydrates, and choose gluten-free products, as well as products that contribute to proper acetic-alkali equilibrium in the body. In our dishes we focus on use of fruits and vegetables, preserving their natural bright color and emphasizing the natural taste.
Combining the high-class restaurant cuisine with the achievements of modern dietetics, we comply with the standards of healthy nutrition in the key aspects: 1) compatibility of products; 2) balance of diet in calories and nutrient content; 3) cooking methods; 4) products quality.

Here, each guest will feel individual approach. Based on the doctor's prescriptions and recommendations of the nutritionist, the chef will select the menu, taking into account all the specific features of your body, its individual parameters and digestive status.

The kitchen of the restaurant is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, and we invited professionals having extensive experience in the premium projects implemented throughout Russia, to join our team.

Fitness centre
If you are used to maintaining your physical shape with regular workouts — we offer a spacious fitness area equipped with modern and effective training facilities. If you are just dreaming to make exercise your useful habit — our fitness center and professional instructors will help you in this endeavor. Your fitness training will be supervised by your doctor and dietitian, who will cooperate to make up your individual program of exercise load, and control your progress.
A wide range of body-builders for aerobic exercise will allow you to choose proper activity that will make you both fit and enjoyed. Cardiozone of our fitness center includes: professional exercise bike, stepper, multi-position treadmill, stair stepping machine.

For strength building in order to improve composition of your body, a functional set of anaerobic simulators of the MB BARBELL and BOBYSOLID brands was selected: four-way station, Barbell bench press, Smith simulator, «Chest-Delta» machine, leg pressing bench, Scott bench, as well as free weights area with a wide weight set of grips, e-z curl bars and traction handles. The set of simulators will allow to do both basic and isolating exercises for all muscle groups.

The spacious gym with an area of 90 square meters is designed for both group and individual yoga classes, stretching, dance classes and other types of physical activity. The gym is equipped with a wall-mounted ladder and sports equipment: step-platforms, BOSU platforms , body-bars, grips, rubber shock absorbers, weights for aerobic and strength training, Pilates rings, rolls, and mats for Pilates.

Health Kingdom
The guests of «First Line» will enjoy the ecological area of 4.5 hectares of coniferous forest along the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Nature will make you see the principle value that is given to everyone from birth — the reserve of vitality. Every corner of «First Line» will help to learn how to feel, maintain and replenish that reserve.

There are more than 10 areas equipped for different types of activities in the territory of the complex: several areas for quiet recreation, outdoor gym complex, breathing practices area, meditation grass-plat, party games, playground, hiking trails with access to a well-furnished beach area. Navigation inside the complex is designed to make the traffic rhythm as smooth as possible, and activities — mostly private.

We make make the best use of the natural potential of this recreational area with age-old traditions of health improvement practices. Air in these places is dominantly composed of biologically active negative ions which contribute to better metabolism and normalization of nervous processes, boosting the vital energy of a human body. Breathing exercises in the special grass-plat surrounded by a pine forest will render healthy influence on bronchopulmonary system in general. Outdoor physical exercise will add tone and power to your muscles, boosting the vital energy of your body. The outdoor gym area is suitable for all ages and any training level. A nearby playground for children engages all your family in physical activities.

For those who love long trips there is the city longest bike path which runs from the territory of «First Line», spreading for several dozens of kilometers along the pine forests of the Gulf coast.
Lecture center
The programs offered by our resort include, in addition to health practices, important educational aspect. During the exciting lectures of various medical specialists, given in simple phrase, you will learn about the innovative trends in modern medicine and the results you may achieve using them. You can also come to the Chef's master-classes and take part in other intrinsical events that will make your transition to new patterns of life conscious and exciting.

A comfortable lecture center with panoramic windows will become a place where you can meet with our specialists in a comfortable atmosphere making your communication ultimately efficient.

Our lecture center can be used as a venue of corporate or business events: conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops. The hall's area of 90 square meters can comfortably accommodate 30-40 guests. Depending on the format of your event and the number of participants, we will offer the best seating arrangement possible.

The lecture center is equipped with the high-tech multimedia equipment which includes a projector, screen, audio system, computer and visual presenter, thanks to which we are able to hold full-scale presentations. High-speed Wi-Fi is available in the hall. Whenever it may be necessary, our IT-specialist will provide full technical support of your event.
In our bio-pharmacy, you can purchase useful things that will help to support you on the way to beauty and health you have taken up at the resort. You will be offered a wide range of high-quality innovative products created according to the most recent science-based developments. The pharmacy offers a variety of items: medicines of daily demand, phytopreparations, organopreparations, vitamins and minerals of natural origin, placental preparations, nutrients and nutraceuticals.

You will also find homeopathic remedies from the leading European firms there. In addition, the pharmacy offers its own line of nutrients made of high-tech raw materials, developed in cooperation with the Japanese manufacturers.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of specialty products for aesthetic medicine. You can choose from the products you need in the personal services area where, in a comfortable atmosphere, you will get individual expert advice, and will be able to test cosmeceutical products.

Mono-preparations are prescribed individually, on the basis of the genetic research, taking into account personal metabolism and individual intolerance. Qualified pharmacists will answer your questions and provide all the information you may need.
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