Pervaya Liniya. Health Care Resort
We have created a resort where every guest will find a balance of health, youth and beauty. New technologies, new quality of living and a new look at how you can change your life!
We create and introduce the system of patterns of life which, if adopted by our guests, will make them look and feel great for years to come
The first innovative prevent age resort of international level in Russia
Very early and early diagnostics: at the cellular, organ, psychosomatic and molecular genetic levels.
  • Assessment of the impact of previous patterns of life, based on the classical analysis of organs and systems function, using laboratory and instrumental diagnostics;
  • Objective assessment of the state of the body, identifying the causes of imbalance with the aid of innovative diagnostic methods: measuring the level of oxidative stress, vitamins and minerals elements in cells, including toxic ones such as heavy metals, and assessment of body structure by means of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, eli-tests (assessment at the cellular level).
  • Implementation and interpretation of molecular genetic testing, genetic screening, preparation of genetic record and development of the longevity and rejuvenescence strategy.
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Prevent age
The unique health control system that allows you to live a longer life, look and feel great, thanks to the achievements and innovative developments of the modern medicine: controlling the gene function and revitalization (recovery) of the body.

Unique features of Pervaya Liniya. Health Care Resort is in
ensuring an integrated approach to health and total
control over life and age.
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Comprehensive support for a healthy lifestyle based on the individual nutrition recommendations and rationalized eating habits.

A specialty restaurant in the resort is the best
place to take a new look at your gastronomic habits. Our Chef,
together with dietitians, has created the menu
where each dish is created according to the right food stuff principles.
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Largest unit is offering all currently existing key techniques.

The principle advantage is that our cosmetologists work in close cooperation with the resort's doctors and laboratories which include genetic and cellular, allowing to achieve complex rejuvenation and long-term results.

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The 4P Concept
Prediction of diseases onset
Prevention with a complex of health recovery methods and measures
Development of recovery plan based on individual features of each guest
Participation of each guest in healthy lifestyles: correcting your nutrition, sleep, developing a balanced complex of physical exercises, choosing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients
You change the world.
We change you
Pervaya Liniya Resort is a fundamentally new project for Russia. Having analyzed all the challenges a man is facing in today's world, we have created the unique product where human needs are responded to by the opportunities given by high technology medical solutions.

We have taken maximum advantage of the natural potential of the health resort situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, and the latest achievements of medicine, to give you the unique gift — vitality, balance of youth, natural health and beauty.
Health is a long-term investment. It is a resource that can be renewable — with due attention paid and measures taken in order to maintain and recover it.

Our goal is not only to make you look much younger than your age, but let your body remain truly young, vigorous and efficient.

We know that only this approach can be the key to that external beauty and attractiveness that comes from within, the true embodiment of the reality to which we aspire — to live, look and feel like when we were young, when the whole world was opened to us.
Resort team
The team of our innovation prevent age resort is made up of the leading experts in the field of medicine and hotel services, more than 50 of them are truly unique specialists.

Professionalism and trust
«Pervaya Liniya. Health Care Resort» is a team of 165
professionals. On the basis of the resort, own
scientific researches in the field of diagnostics, rejuvenation and
innovative methods of treatment are held,
which makes the resort stand on the same level with the health complexes in France, Switzerland, Spain and USA.
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Resort like no other
Innovation prevent age resort, which has both the five-star hotel service and advanced achievements of medicine
Stunningly-designed rooms made in the eco-minimalism style
Modern medical methods to improve body health
Professionals for high quality service
Hectares of coniferous forest on the Gulf of Finland
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